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You will get your best discount if you act before October 12 and order quantities of 100 or more, with prepayment (or valid credit card to use at the time of shipping). Calendars will cost $5.06 each ($5.33 – 5% for prepayment, including standard black and white imprint), plus shipping. This ordering deadline will allow them to be shipped in November to allow the use of the calendar in December 2018 – the first month in the 13 month calendar.

Use this page to place your order. It will be reviewed by our team and acknowledged back to you for accuracy before we proceed.

  • Revised calendar size of 11.5” X 11.5” (can use an 11.5" X 14.5" envelope)
  • 13 month calendar that starts in December 2018, to be used right away
  • Important patented inventions and drawings from issued patents
  • Glossy cover
  • Imprint on flap on back cover (3" X 11.5"). Calendars with no imprint will not have this flap.
  • Drilled holes in calendar to easily hang on wall

Prices for 2019 U.S. Patent Calendar:

Quantity Price
1-49: $10.30 each
50-99: $9.30 each

Order by: 100-999 1000 +
10/12/2018 $5.33 each $4.37 each
After 10/12/2018 $6.86 each $5.92 each


  • Placed on extended flap on back cover to extend below calendar (3" X 11.5" - full length)
  • FREE for 100+ calendars before 10/12/18
  • $85.00 for 50-99, and after 10/12/18 per 100
  • NOT AVAILABLE for 1-49
  • Color Artwork or Logos extra (please contact us)

*Special artwork or logos may be emailed to us.

Yes, I would like the following imprinting done on my order


Shipping costs vary according to the following scale. Orders placed before October 12, 2018 will be delivered in mid-November. Orders received after October 12, allow 6 – 8 weeks delivery. Orders after 11/9/18 cannot have guaranteed delivery by Christmas (but will make every effort to try to support this timing).

Quantity Shipping Price
2 - 9$9.30
10 -49 $19.80
50 – 99$22.90
100+$37 per 100


Number of calendars you wish to order:

I am a Michigan resident and must pay 6% sales tax

5% discount for full prepayment over $100
(not to be combined with any other discounts offered)

60% deposit required for orders over $100.

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