DewRay Patent Calendars

About DewRay Products

DewRay Products is a company focused on packaging interesting information to be used by our customers to promote their company. While, at the same time, having that vehicle be used and open to all who are interested in the topic.

This calendar started out as an idea for the use of some patent attorney friends of mine and has traversed into a product that has been around for over 20 years and used by those in this field to promote their firm, their related business, or by individuals who are just curious.

We focus on a high quality product at a value driven cost (especially when purchasing in larger volumes) that all are proud to use as a vehicle to display their business information. It is interesting and useful enough to be on display and used throughout the year, maintaining that constant contact that all businesses can use to allow their name to remain visible and active.

There are thousands of satisfied customers who we continue to listen to help improve the calendar. We worked with so many great customers and partners, and are really grateful for them and their input towards making this the best product in its field. The enlarged and changed format for 2019 is one change that took some effort to get accomplished, but was partially driven by the customer base wanting a more "updated looking" product.